How’d those 2013 Trend Predictions Do?

Having looked at this year’s food trend predictions, we thought it would be fun to go back and revisit some of last year’s big ideas to see how they fared. Using another aggregated list (this time from Huffington Post) we looked at each supposed trend in turn to see how they did in 2013.

1. Smoke
We’ll agree with this one. While smoke was already big prior to 2013, it seemed only to get bigger.

2. Vegetables As Main Courses
Another on-point prediction. Between healthy eating and sustainability advocates, an increased emphasis on vegetable consumption has gotten a lot of press and menus are responding.

3. Fermentation
While plenty in the culinary world have love for fermented foods like kimchi, it remains an acquired taste for many and thus hasn’t built the increased presence that has been repeatedly predicted.

4. Artisanal Bread
This gets the thumbs up. It seemed like wherever we looked last year bakeries were being called out by name on menus from fast casual to fine dining.

5. Non-Alcoholic Beverages
We’ll bite on this one (see tea down below) but if you want a real beverage trend from 2013 it would be hard to be the continuing surge in craft brewing.

6. Chef Collaborations
This holds up, as we continue to see collaborations both culinary and cause-based in the restaurant world.

7. Barrel-Aged Hot Sauce
This one surprised us. Haven’t seen it on menus or heard much about it elsewhere, so we’re skeptical.

8. Winter Veggies, Served Fresh
Fresh Tokyo turnips? Check. But this one still has room to grow and we bet there are a number of interesting presentations we haven’t seen yet.

9. Chicken
While there was some interesting menu innovation for chicken on QSR menus, it’s increased presence on upscale menus (in the face of rising costs for other proteins) didn’t materialize, unless it could be labeled “Jidori.”

10. Gochujang
A common submission for “the next Sriracha,” Gochujang didn’t develop much of a menu presence in 2013, even with the great Sriracha panic.

11. Cured Meat
This could just be the California talking, but it is surprising to see this as a trend prediction because it has become so very common.

12. Tea
I’d agree with this one. Definitely saw more emphasis on tea in 2013 as well as a greater use of tea as an ingredient in dishes.

13. Popcorn
With the possible exception of popcorn-flavored ice cream in desserts, didn’t see much growth for popcorn in 2013.

What do you think of the list? Was there anything on here that you noticed get big (or didn’t notice) in 2013?

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