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Deep connections come from sharing and learning.

Digital and social media give you the opportunity to engage with your audience through stories and education. Media en Place can assist you by capturing the unique aspects of your brand and converting them into compelling content that delights and informs. Pairing key messages to visual media we create brand experiences that are engaging and shareable, strengthening loyalty and expand your reach.

What defines compelling content?

Quality content is information-rich and in-depth, offering perspectives and insights not available elsewhere

What are the benefits of compelling content?

  • It creates a richer relationship with the audience by making your digital outlets a source of compelling content worth visiting repeatedly
  • It contributes to a successful Search Engine Marketing strategy by encouraging ranking-raising inbound links and providing strategic meta descriptions, keywords, and tags designed to improve content search rankings
  • It compliments public relations strategies, providing an additional channel for influencing ideas about your brand
  • It offers efficiencies by creating core content pieces that can be repurposed and disseminated through all social media channels
  • It provides additional insights through engagement data on specific content subjects and styles, allowing you to adjust your overall communications strategy in real time to maximize opportunities

Content Examples

Education & Engagement: Oenotri at the Market Video Series

In advance of the restaurant’s Oceanic Dinners, Chef/Owner Tyler Rodde visits his fish purveyor in San Francisco to collaborate on menu selections for the seasonal series.

Storytelling Content Example: French Laundry Fava Beans

“The French Laundry’s cuisine is defined by its use of the finest possible ingredients, often harvested from the restaurant’s own 2.5 acre culinary garden. Chefs and gardeners work together to identify produce at its absolute peak that can be delivered to the kitchen just before it is needed. With a new menu written each day, decisions can be made in the moment, so when delicate fava beans are at their best they are whisked into the kitchen and showcased at the heart of a dish.”

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Educational Content Example: Explaining Albumin Blog Post

explaining albumin clip

Full Post in PDF


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